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Colonies for iPhone and iPod Touch
Conquer the world. All over again.
Colonies is a real time strategy game where you command armies from 4 different empires.

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Command and conquer.
Colonies is a real time strategy game where you command armies from four
different empires. The goal is to start colonies in all the spots available on the map and conquer all other civilizations towns.
Four empires.
Choose any of the four empires. Expand your world. Conquer every map. Then choose another
empire. Viking, Roman, Maya or Mongol. Play with everyone. Rule them all.
All game, no screen clutter.
Game controls occupy very little screen realestate so you can see all the action. Visit Gameplay for detailed information about the rules of the game.
Top 100 Paid Strategy Game.
Since its launch in August 2011, Colonies is present frequently in the top 100 paid strategy games in different countries. It entered this top in US from the second day of launch. Then followed UK, Germany, France and others. You should try it too!
Magnificent maps.
Gaze at the magnificent scenery in which every battle takes place. Mountains, lakes, forests make up a beautiful background for every battle.
Currently there are 25 unique maps. So played with every empire makes a total of 100 levels.
Zoom in for a closer look.
During any game you'll see the zoom button in the bottom left part of the screen. Tap it to see the map closer.
While you are in zoom-in mode you can drag the map with a finger to move around it.
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